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Welcome to Athens Tribes


Athens Tribes re-imagines the cultural identity of Athens by inviting people with diverse roots to a series of meet-ups for the exploration of the new multi-tribal elements of the city.


With universal nuances of one’s culture such as dance, food, music & arts as common grounds we’ve created a series of conceptual artworks reflecting the distinct traditional traits of each place but also the thing in common across cultures. 


Impact Hub Athens teams up with Musikarama and with ethnic groups in Athens and design a pop up urban exhibition in the public space! From 6th of June pop over to Rozan Park & meet the Athens Tribes!



Middle Eastern Food
Middle Eastern Food

We cultivate ideas for experimentation,  whilst promoting culinary ideas with new nuances. 

Scattered Paintbrushes

Through dialogue & collaboration we aim to design  artworks that encourage creative dialogue


 Come and join us!

‏لقطة الشاشة ٢٠٢١-٠٥-١٩ في ١٠.٥١.١١ م.pn

Athens Tribes invites you to an open air exhibition revolving around 4 themes relevant to every culture.  We've collected stories, techniques, know-how from different communities in Athens and have created collective exhibits, soon to be on display in the urban space of Exarchia. 


Within the four themes of food, music, dance & crafts Impact Hub Athens and Musikarama, together with a diverse network of people in Athens, have created 5 display boxes with sounds, images, videos, handicrafts and jars of pickle which will be installed at Rozan Park. Designed to provoke conversation we hope it will offer a window into new worlds for those interested in exploring new Athenian identities. 


The Athens Tribes exhibition is a work in progress - it seeks and encourages ongoing input from the exhibition's visitors - there is still lots of space for participation from new friends.


On 4th of June we welcome you to the exhibitions opening, Athens Tribes invites you to get involved in the creation & remixing of new Athenian identities expressed through the forms of gastronomy, art, music & dance. 


Your imagination, know-how & perception are more than welcome as part of the project. See below for how to join us.

Exhibition dates & times: 4th of June | 11th of June | 16th & 17th of June - 6pm - 9pm 



Halftone Image of Crowd
Music Class
Folk Dancer Shoes
Folk Dancer Shoes

We explore forms of dance from across the world as we share them with the public



Here we explore the universe of the Athens Tribes music

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Join the Athens Tribes

how to get involved
Help us to set up an exhibit at the park!
Exhibit/present your traditional pickle
Bring a handmade doll inspired by your culture
Record a traditional lullaby
17th of June - Closing Event

Exhibit/Present your traditional Pickle

All cuisines around the world have things in common. 

We invite you to prepare your own traditional pickles to be presented as a vivid exhibit at Rozan Park.


Join us and bring your own jar of traditional pickle along with your recipe to be displayed on our open kitchen shelf at the end of May. 

If you like: Write down a traditional story featuring the ingredient of the pickle or a proverb showcasing the health benefits of this dish and the occasion at which you eat it!

Bring a handmade doll inspired by your culture

Dolls are the most common toy across cultures. They are mentioned in folk tales, stories & are crafted in different ways in different countries. 


Create your own little doll from textile with traditional clothes & patterns and fill it with traditional herbs.


If you like:  Write down a traditional story featuring the doll or a proverb involving a person living from the doll's country of origin and its way of keeping traditional roots alive!

Help us to set up an exhibit at the park!

On 27th May we welcome you to join us at Rozan Park and help us to set up a unique open-air exhibition with 5 wooden installation boxes and display the traditions of different cultures through art, music, food & dance.

Record a traditional Lullaby

Send recordings of yourself singing a lullaby from their countries with written lyrics, a little story about themselves, to be shared on the website and social media. These might also be exhibited in the park.

Closing Event: 17th June


Join us for tranquil strolls throughout the exhibition path, explore the concept behind the exhibits and get to know the creators. 

 email us:

call us: +30 210 3210146

//  The action is part of co-Athens implemented by the pilot European programme of the City of Athens #CuringtheLimbo through Develop Athens. The programme is co-funded by ΕΤΠΑ in the context of Urban Innovative Actions

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